Wheel Wizards

Scratch Fix

Got a scratch? No worries! Our Scratch Fix masters make those nasty nicks vanish. We match the color, buff it out, and seal the deal. Itʼs like magic—your wheels will look brand new! Trust us to bring back the shine.

Dent Doctor

Dings and dents? Weʼre on it! Our Dent Doctor service gently nudges your wheels back into perfect shape. Itʼs quick, painless, and super effective. Say goodbye to those wheel woes and hello to smooth, sleek rims. Drive proud again with wheels that wow!

Custom Coating

Dreaming of unique wheels? Our Custom Coating gives your ride a splash of personality! Choose your favorite color, and weʼll coat your wheels with a durable, glossy finish. Stand out on the streets with your one-of-a-kind look. Letʼs roll in style!

Get Rolling

Say hello! Fix those wheels, flaunt that style. Click to start.